Frequently Asked Questions and Common Concerns

Healthcare Consulting, Guaranteed.

“We are concerned that your approach might sour my relationship with Payors.”

We are very mindful of your existing relationships, and our methods are specifically tailored to respect and enhance any relationship you have.  We only want to show you the monies we think are recoverable, and if you make the decision to move forward, to pursue those dollars in a professional, non-disruptive, way.

“We don’t have many Workers Comp claims that we think you could help us with.”

Every dollar counts and we are able to look at other types of claims such as out- of-network health, auto/liability and others. We are happy to assist with the few that you have.

“We already do this.”

Many of our Clients already have some sort of post audit process in place. However, they have still seen amazing results with our service and since our fees are contingency based, there is no risk in trying us out. Send us claims that your team was not successful on and we will have our team of experts do their review.

“We don’t share HIPAA or Patient Info with 3rd parties.”

That is no problem and we fully understand the need to protect patient privacy. We will sign your privacy disclosures and we follow safeguards of patient information.

Additionally – we do not require patient information to perform our service if that is a concern. We just need identifying claim numbers from the insurance carrier along with the line details of the claim (the codes, what was billed and what was paid for each line). 

If we can work within your privacy parameters, is there any reason that you wouldn’t consider using our services to recover revenue?

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