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At Zatera, we offer niche consulting and value-based services to select clients. Here are several examples of who we can help, and how we grow their revenue streams from their existing patients:


The low hanging fruit are small to medium sized hospitals with physician employees. Our platform drives $10,000 to $30,000 per month per NPI for services the physicians are required but failing to do.

Our platform will also identify medical necessity for the entire patient population for other hospital departments and services. We provide the glue to lift all departments within your hospital system.


The shared savings pool is shrinking to the point that many ACOs are going under because they can no longer pay their own administration costs.

What’s worse is that statistically, even though most ACOs reach or exceed their production and cost savings targets, barely over 10% make distributions to their physician members with the average being around $1,800 per year or $150 per month!

It’s time for some REAL revenue.

We don’t touch the ACO side of the business. Rather we focus on the non-ACO part of the physician’s’ practice, beginning with straight Medicare patients.

As a managing partner with us, your earnings can considerably offset your administrative costs making your ACO capable of issuing true distributions. Meanwhile your physician partners also receive the new and significant revenue from their non-ACO business through our program.

Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities/SNFs & Home Health

In the value based world, the operative words are “Mandated & Incentivized”. Led by a series of Population Health Assessments, care is specified by medical necessity and is determined by technology beyond the scope of any EHR system.

Very simply, where medical necessity is found there must be an actionable order — or the provider faces penalties.

“Mandated” means you must comply or face penalties, and “Incentivized” means that there are codes that “reward” you. If there is no code billed, there is no credit for the task.

This results in penalties for failure to complete the mandatory task and no remuneration for having performed it. You lose twice; we can help you fix it.

Any Provider with Medicare Patients

Every Medicare patient is required to have certain Population Health Assessments each year. The base required bundle reimburses approximately $400 depending on your location.

These initial results often identify additional medical necessity for: 1) further assessments, 2) diagnostics or other ancillaries, 3) a referral back to the physician for a new diagnosis, or 4) the need to refer to a specialist.

Our platform identifies all of these medical necessities and provides a link to the resident to complete these tasks online in the comfort of their own living space, via a paper version, or offers the opportunity to have the questions asked and answered on the phone.

Physicians are losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in missed mandated value-based
metrics and population health assessments not supported by their EMRs. The time is NOW to make a change.

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